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For the last five summer I have had the pleasure of working at a local summer camp! I stared as a counselor and made my way up in leadership serving as a photography coach, program leader, communications intern, camp director, and experience manager!

In my last three roles working at camp over the last four years, I have been able to expand my photography, social media, content creation, video editing, and project management skills! In these roles I managed seven different Facebook Community Groups, four Instagram accounts, and organized content and campaigns for the various accounts as well as physical summer camp locations.

While running those offsite camp's social media accounts I was able to increase engagements via likes and comments using hashtags to characterize post as well as user generated content on the stories. As well as gain a few followers, but the primary focus for these accounts were to post photos of campers that their parents wanted to see! In this position I was able to help my team increase their knowledge on how to market to others on Instagram and Facebook.

I made a total of ten recap videos throughout my summer highlighting both the camper and counselor experience through the week. These video were then presented during the final assembly for everyone including parents to see. I had a lot of creative freedom when capturing videos and photos of the campers and staff so it was a lot of fun trying to see what I could get!

This post in particular highlights the photos that I captured and edited this past summer at camp! Lots of smiling faces, and a few action shots!


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