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Another CAA job for the win, I own this camp a lot of the credit for my growth wether that is spiritually, professionally, or personally. This place has defiantly made me the hard and dedicated worker that I am today.

In this role I was serving at camp as the social media and communications intern as well as the overnight experience director ALL WHILE BEING IN THE MIDST of COVID-19... talk about hard work. In the midst of the hard HARD work I learned a lot about staying on brand and all things public relations! From answering questions that were posed in the comments, to writing copy to back up unpopular ideas and opinions. I learned a lot about how to address the public in a time of confusion, grief, and strife.

During this summer I was on a 3 person team, that was dedicated to capture any and all the fun that we lost out on during lockdown. I co-hosted an online event for camp families called "Family Fun Night" through Facebook, created videos for our online offering called "CAA Play" and posted content to the camp stories. I was also in charge of Camp All American Staff Instagram. I definitely found a niche in catering content towards College-Aged Young Adults, the jokes and comments in the copy I wrote landed and that really all you can ask for when writing captions.

I captured and edited photos, created campaigns, and curated the overall experience that was perceived when reaching the camp staff page, an experience that was encouraging, funny, and excitable about what the rest of the summer had to offer.

From reworking the staff logo, to creating the fun brad voice for CAA. Here are some highlights of my time running the CAA Staff instagram!


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