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fun graphics vol. 1

On my personal Instagram account before life got super super crazy I made an effort to create monthly fun graphics that I made using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator!

I just stared teaching myself Illustrator and wanted more practice, I also saw this as a opportunity to build my portfolio so that I could be proficient in more than just Canva.

The graphics that you re seeing below are from my January collection! I was inspired by the cool tones that the new year bring in but as the excitement that being out of 2020 brought! I played to the New Year, New Me feel and even created something that sorta resembles a mood board for the year!

I love being able to have platform that allows me to share some of the things that make me happy wether thats a color palette or a graphic that only makes sense to me , it feels so good to have people care and actually like something that the Lord has gifted me a passion for!



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