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I had the pleasure of running the instrgram of an insanely talented hair and makeup artist in the Atlanta area! She is also a fantastic friend of mine! I made graphics, posted content, and responded to her community for her.

It was so fun getting a sneak peak into the magical world of pageants! Even though I worked for her short term it was a great experience! I did alot of research to figure out how to best capture the attention of her target audience. Her audience included pageant moms and girls, senior photography, and weddings (which was easiest for me). I was able to organically help her grow her account about 250 followers in 3 months with the help of targeted hashtags and consistent posting. Her only goal with me coming in was to reach 2,000 followers, and that was achieved!

My initial purpose for being brought on Hailee's Team was to help plan and organize Hailee's Social Media presence as well as respond to her emails, comments and direct messages through email, Facebook, and Instagram. I was also used to help brainstorm some creative marketing strategies; from holiday giveaways, reels and Tik Tok, as well as various hauls, tutorials and "get ready with me" campaigns on stories.

I planned social content for Hailee to use and suggested ways to positively increase her client experience. While keeping the branding and copywriting across platform consistent. Here are some posting highlights from when I ran her account!

Check this amazingly talented friend of mine here!


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