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From Fall 2019 to Fall 2021 I worked as a campus ambassador for La Colombe Coffee! I was lucky to do this role alongside my friends!

In this role I collaborated with the sales and marketing team to conceptualize sales and marketing campaigns and strategies. I also planned and executed the production and delivery of social media content across various platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, as well as hosting labeling events on campus as well as online!

I also monitored and reported customer feedback and analytics to the marketing department! Here are some of the highlights of my time with La Colombe!

"Elisa has been one of the most skilled and effective brand ambassadors that La Colombe U has ever had! She has the incredible ability to come up with really creative and unique concepts to successfully increase brand awareness among younger markets. From engaging labeling events to out-of-the-box social giveaways, Elisa's passion for content creation and social media shows in EVERYTHING she does." - Claudia, La Colombe U


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