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rachel + taylor

God, I love this couple! I was so beyond honored when Rachel not only asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, but her florist as well. If I'm being completely honest... this was simply the best weekend of my entire life, spent with new friends who have whisked my heart away and quickly become family! Rachel and Taylor constantly show me what true love is and I am so happy I got to be such a big part of their beautiful day!

I met with Rachel to discuss how to best turn her wedding dreams and aspirations into a reality! We talked extensively about her color palette and her DIRE need for pampas grass, but also how beautiful and simplistic she wanted the florals and other decor to be. We spoke on all things rust and cream colored, with touches of pink and from there I had A LOT of creative freedom.

The best way to know that you are going to get something good is to let your florist be free and have fun with the colors and guidelines you give them. Let those creative juices flow, thats why you hired them! Because of all the creative freedom that Rachel gave me what you see in these beautiful pictures below, by Blake Hogge, is what I like to call " Textured Boho Chic". This palette was beyond a dream come true.

I am so happy that I was able to help turn Rachel's wedding palette into a dream come true! She was a stunning bride and a fantastic person to know! If you do not have a Rachel in your life find one IMMEDIATELY!


"Elisa did a phenomenal job with my wedding flowers! She organized and got the exact flowers and style that I was going for! she made the process so easy for me as a bride and handled all the set up and preparation so I didn't have to do a thing. She has such a good eye for design and even picked out table decor and accessories for the wedding long with the flowers. Elisa Is truly the best person to work with and helped make the day unforgettable"- Rachel, Bride

Photographer: Blake Hogge

Florist: ME!

Venue: The Reserves at Lake Keowee


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